🎲 Five Things to Know #2

Upgrade your mindset, develop better habits⁣, and build a profitable business.

Welcome to the latest edition of Five Things to Know, where I share five things for you to readwatchlistenbuy, and try every weekso you can upgrade your mindset, develop better habits⁣, and build a profitable business.

— Nicholas (@focusandhustle)

In this issue

🧠 Why people buy

👀 Putting a bowling alley back on the map

🎧 This is the future of Facebook

🛒 Hold the phone

👍 5 steps to a more productive life

🧠 Read

In The Brain Audit, you’ll learn what buyers are thinking as they make decisions. If you ever need to sell anything to anyone, this info is priceless.

The book isn't about persuasion or mind tricks. Instead, it shows you how to present the correct information, and thereby enable your potential customers to intelligently go through a purchase sequence.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

Yeah, we all know how mesmerizing your offer is—by hey, results are elusive until you speak in the language your customer understands well.

Which means that you get an instant response the moment you switch to the customer’s language. Your customer nods. He smiles. He shakes your hand vigorously. And yes, he wants to sign-up right away. Amazing as it may seem, the offer hasn’t changed. But the language—ah, that’s changed for sure!

― Sean D'Souza

👀 Watch

Video footage from a drone that zipped through a Minneapolis bowling alley has millions talking after going viral.

What does this have to do with mindset, habits, or business? At the very least, it shows that one simple creative idea can still lead to massive awareness almost overnight thanks to the power of social media.

🎧 Listen

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t do many interviews. But he did this one on The Information’s 411 podcast to discuss the future of augmented and virtual reality.

AR and VR are without a doubt the future of Facebook’s platform, and hearing about the amount of time and effort the company is investing into it—and the unusual challenges they’re facing along the way—is pretty interesting.

🛒 Buy

This $10 phone stand from Amazon is one of those simple purchases that has served me well over the years.

Why not use it to prop up your phone and watch a TED video during lunch?

👍 Try

Have you ever heard of Getting Things Done or GTD? It is a very popular productivity methodology created by David Allen which helps you live a more productive life.

The basic premise is pretty simple and can be explained in just 5 steps, as seen in this outline from Todoist.

That’s all!

👋 Nicholas (@focusandhustle)