🎲 Five Things to Know #3

Upgrade your mindset, develop better habits⁣, and build a profitable business.

Welcome to the latest edition of Five Things to Know, where I share five things for you to readwatchlistenbuy, and try every weekso you can upgrade your mindset, develop better habits⁣, and build a profitable business.

— Nicholas (@focusandhustle)

In this issue

🧠 Why video chats are so tiring

👀 The economics of Costco

🎧 Happiness

🛒 Wake up without waking everyone up

👍 Can I still succeed if…

🧠 Read

A new study from Stanford University communications expert Jeremy Bailenson is investigating the very modern phenomenon of “Zoom Fatigue.”

Bailenson suggests there are four key factors that make videoconferencing so uniquely tiring, and he recommends some simple solutions to reduce exhaustion.

👀 Watch

Costco is one of the biggest and most successful retailers in the United States.

In this video, Sarah Nassauer dissects the wholesaler’s unique approach and what you can learn from it to apply to your own business.

🎧 Listen

What is happiness?

Find out what modern philosopher Naval Ravikant has to say on the topic in this podcast episode.

One of my favorite quotes:

You can achieve happiness without financial wealth. Most of us recognize you’re not going to buy your way to happiness. But in modern times, you can buy your way out of common causes of unhappiness. Financial wealth can give you freedom and more time. It can give you peace.

― Naval Ravikant

🛒 Buy

I recently bought this under-the-pillow vibrating alarm clock so I could get up early without waking my wife or our 17-month-old son.

For just $17, it works like a charm.

👍 Try

Don’t let excuses get in the way of your success.

This graphic is a good reminder to keep trying, keep working, keep making progress one small step at a time, no matter what happened before.

What will you do today to work towards your goals?

That’s all!

👋 Nicholas (@focusandhustle)